MDM and SOA are Broken: How can Semantics Help Fix These Foundations of Enterprise Data Management?
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  Marty Loughlin   Marty Loughlin
VP Financial Services
Cambridge Semantics


Wednesday, May 1, 2013
09:30 AM - 10:00 AM


Both MDM and SOA solve specific challenges in assembling a high-quality enterprise data architecture: We use MDM to standardize details of the key entities that characterize our businesses, and we use SOA to achieve loosely coupled, reusable, and interoperable architecture to drive core functionality across our businesses. But both are broken. MDM can't keep up with the proliferation of systems, entity types, and the increasing importance of external content sources. The ascendancy of SOA has led to an explosion of services without effective governance in areas like impact analysis, change control, operation mappings, and service composition.

While MDM and SOA are broken in different ways, the fix for both lies in the same place: semantics. In this session, we'll illustrate how the flexibility and description expressiveness of semantic technologies can solve the key challenges facing both MDM and SOA in today's enterprise IT environments.

Marty Loughlin is Vice President, Financial Services at Cambridge Semantics Inc. Prior to joining Cambridge Semantics, Marty was the Managing Director for EMC’s consulting business in Boston. His 25 year career has focused on helping clients leverage transformative technologies to drive business results, most recently in Cloud and Big Data. Prior to joining EMC in 2005, Marty was co-founder and COO of Granitar, a web consultancy that grew to 250 people in four years and served clients such as State Street Co., The New York Times and Standard & Poor’s. Marty began his career in Ireland with Digital Equipment Co. He holds a B. Eng. from Dublin City University and a High Tech MBA from Northeastern University.

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