Chief Data Officers, Data Scientists and Big Data Architects - New Roles for a New World of Data
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  Sanjog Aul   Sanjog Aul
Founder and CEO
CIO Talk Radio
  Mario Faria   Mario Faria
Data Strategy Advisor
Boa Vista
  Derek Strauss   Derek Strauss
Chief Data Officer
TD Ameritrade
  Micheline Casey   Micheline Casey


Thursday, May 2, 2013
10:50 AM - 11:50 AM

Level:  Business / Non-Technical

What's the Next step in your Professional Future? New strategically-critical roles are emerging that rely on the ability to manage, govern or analyze data. This is a uniquely advantageous time in the history of business to be someone with these skills. Panelists will explain how to equip yourself for this once-in-a-lifetime revolution.

Sanjog Aul is the host behind the leading Business and IT Thought Leadership show, CIO Talk Radio. For 10 years as the founder and CEO of CIO Talk Radio, Sanjog has grown and engaged a niche audience of industry leaders concerned with strategic IT management. He’s led pointed conversations with over 800 CIOs and top executives from global enterprises like Google, MasterCard, the New York Stock Exchange and Euronext, NASA, the Department of Defense, the United Nations and many more in discussions on the most relevant trends and problems facing business and IT leaders today. Sharp, poignant and unbiased interviewing skills make Sanjog an ideal figure for leading any business or IT related events and gatherings. His blend of business visionary and technology savvy allow him to ask the tough questions of any C-Suite executives. He’s hosted a number of his live shows at past SIMposiums, global IT conferences from the Society for Information Management.

According to MIT, Mario was the first Chief Data Officer for Latin America. He has worked as a CDO for Boa Vista, a credit bureau information provider in Brazil, which is partly owned by Equifax. Also, he is a professor of Marketing and Strategy at the MBA program of the Business School São Paulo (BSP) and a contributor of several conferences, magazines and publications in areas of Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media and Technology. Prior to Boa Vista, Mario has worked for IBM, Accenture and Microsoft, leading projects related to BI, DW, CRM, Supply Chain, Web Development and Management Consulting. Mario has an MBA from University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC), a MSc from the State University of New York (SUNY Albany) and a BSc from Unicamp (Brazil). Mario has just moved to USA in January 2013, and is currently working as a Data Strategy Business Advisor, helping companies to cross the "data chasm".

Derek Strauss is the Chief Data Officer at TD Ameritrade, with responsibility for Data Governance, Analytics, Data Architecture and Data Development. Derek has been working in IT for over three decades, two thirds of which were in the Enterprise Information Management and Business Intelligence/ Data Warehousing fields. He established and managed numerous enterprise programs and initiatives in the areas of Data Governance, Business Intelligence/Analytics, Data Warehousing and Data Quality Improvement. Bill Inmon’s Corporate Information Factory and John Zachman’s Enterprise Architecture Framework have been the foundational cornerstones of Derek's work. He has spoken at numerous local and international conferences on Data Warehousing issues, including seminars in Europe and Africa. Derek has been an active member of The Data Management Association and MIT’s CDO Forum/IQ Symposium. He has traveled and spoken with Bill Inmon, and co-authored the book “DW2.0 – the Architecture for the Next Generation of Data Warehousing” – Bill Inmon, Derek Strauss and Genia Neushloss, 2008, Morgan Kaufmann.

Ms. Casey is Principal at CDO, LLC, a boutique consultancy supporting the development of large-scale enterprise information management, data governance, and data security strategic plans and implementation efforts. Prior to CDO, LLC, Ms. Casey was the first state Chief Data Officer in the country, and part of the Governor’s Office in the State of Colorado. Ms. Casey was responsible for developing and executing the State of Colorado’s enterprise data strategy and data governance and data management frameworks across the State’s Executive Branch agencies. She coordinated legislative and policy actions as necessary for this strategic effort, and helped architect a groundbreaking series of laws between 2008 and 2010 to further the State’s information sharing agenda. Ms. Casey’s emphasis is on large scale, enterprise-wide, policy rich projects, and she brings strengths in business strategy, data management, data governance, and data security.

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