Taming Elephants, Bees and Pigs - The Big Data Circus
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  Ashish Thusoo   Ashish Thusoo
CEO & Co-Founder


Wednesday, May 1, 2013
04:10 PM - 04:45 PM

Level:  Intermediate

In Taming Elephants, Bees and Pigs - The Big Data Circus, Apache Hive co-creator and Qubole CEO Ashish Thusoo will discuss the reasons and motivations behind the Big Data revolution and how it has evolved from previous data processing technologies. In the context of his unique experience at Facebook, Ashish will talk about some of the key challenges of scale and the evolutionary paths and techniques that were developed as a result. Finally, he will talk about the future of Big Data and how technology is continuing to simplify the process and become accessible for all.

Ashish is the co-creator of Apache Hive and served as the project's founding Vice President at the Apache Software Foundation. He started his working career as an engineer at Oracle where he contributed heavily to many core components of Oracle RDBMS. Ashish ran the Data Infrastructure team at Facebook, leading the team in the creation of one of the largest data processing and analytics platform in the world - a platform that achieved the bold aim of making data accessible to analysts, engineers and data scientists alike within the company. Now Ashish is the CEO and co-founder of Qubole, a pioneering Big Data startup. Ashish has a Bachelor's degree in CS from IIT-Delhi and a Master's degree in CS from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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