Data Architecture and Data Governance - The Not so Siamese Twins in IT
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  Luminita Vollmer   Luminita Vollmer
Enterprise and Information Architecture Champion
Thrivent Financial


Tuesday, April 30, 2013
01:30 PM - 02:20 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Data Architecture and Data Governance - two of the spokes in the DMBoK Wheel. Are they Twins? Partners? Friends? or Foes? An in-depth look at how the two domains overlap and help each other add value to the enterprise data related processes. Considering the data life cycle and the Governance reach into all the areas - the presentation uncovers the shake-hands points in the SDLC process where Data Architecture supports Governance, enables significant contribution to establishing Governance, and applies a structured disciplined approach to collecting the necessary "to be governed" assets.

The invisibility of the data assets becomes easier to see, to manage and govern and the partnerships is clearly taking shape as a value add proposition. Take away check lists, tips and "how-to's" and practical suggestions for immediate application in your job. For data architects and data governance practitioners alike, this session is full of practical steps that uncover the values of this twin relationship for beginners and advanced practitioners as well.

Luminita is a passionate champion for Enterprise and Information Architecture with extensive experience in Enterprise Information Management and new data and digital technologies . Her experience spans several industries - banking, insurance and finance, manufacturing, health care. She holds an undergraduate degree in MIS/Business/Finance from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, and an MBA from St. Thomas College in St. Paul Minnesota. Luminita is an active member of the local DAMA MN chapter, TwinCities Business Architecture forum (TCBAF) and Architecture (AES); she is a volunteer and board member for the Bloomington-Izumi SisterCity organization in Bloomington, MN ( Luminita is a CDMP and CBIP certified data architect.

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