Designing the Enterprise Data Landscape
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  Todd Sicard   Todd Sicard
Enterprise Architect
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota


Sunday, April 28, 2013
02:30 PM - 05:45 PM

Level:  Advanced

Advancing an enterprise data landscape strategy is important, and it can be very frustrating when your principles aren’t being followed. How can you help implement your strategies? How can you effectively communicate a game plan to the skilled people building your projects?

From high level roadmaps through conceptual solutions to logical, good designs don’t happen by accident. Rather, they thoughtfully balance:

  • Business & IT Strategy,
  • Functionality & Usability, and
  • Achievability & Maintainability.
Successful plans are implemented and move the company forward. The enterprise’s data landscape is complex and expensive; how should it evolve? And what are the characteristics of a good design?

Todd will discuss how to create and document this planned evolution: purpose, content, audience, timing, and approach. Communicating just-enough design to inform and constrain the development team.

Domino’s delivers. So should you.

Todd Sicard is an Enterprise Architect at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota where he has worked since 1993. From underwriting to development to architecture, his career has centered upon corporate-sized data from his first day. Todd tries his best to understand, manage, and leverage Blue Cross' data assets. Todd is CDMP certified at the Mastery level.

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